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KohlQuest ArtSpeak's New Beginning lithograph poster salutes all those very special people, and the organizations they represent, who are working to stop the abuse and violence poisoning our communities.


That's why KohlQuest ArtSpeak wants to help your organization raise more money to support your vital work by offering our New Beginning lithograph poster as a powerful fundraising product, one with a proven ability to touch and motivate people of all ages and persuasions.

This is no ordinary poster. Its mesmerizing photographic image of a ewe with her newborn lamb has captivated the hearts of people all over the world. 

The image's companion verse -- "I dedicate my life to those too gentle to live among wolves" -- has been adopted as a battle cry by those people who are working to build a more compassionate coexistence among human beings while caring for the victims of abuse and violence. 

Together, image and verse announce a NEW BEGINNING toward a more compassionate coexistence among all living things on earth. 

This message is NOT wishful thinking. 
It's become a global imperative. 


BULK PURCHASE PLAN : : Earn the Highest Return on Each Sale 

Purchase posters at a per poster cost of $5.95 in quantities of 100 or more and earn a whopping $9.00 return on every poster you sell You do your own marketing, order fulfillment, and shipping using your mailing lists, web site, and/or online store ... or generate funds by selling posters directly to the public at special events.  For bulk purchases, posters are shipped as flat packages. 

At $5.95 per poster, that's 60% off our retail price of $14.95. 

Here's a little fundraising secret -- with bulk purchasing, you can set the retail poster price anywhere you please. The higher you make it, the more money your organization receives from each sale! 

We are excited about working with you to create a fundraiser that will be a dazzling success. 

When you collaborate with KohlQuest ArtSpeak on a New Beginning fundraising event, you will become one of our celebrated Partners Against Abuse and Violence.  It is our privilege to display your name on our web site. If your organization has a web presence, that listing will be a live link to your organization's home page. 

Have questions? 
Ready to get your organization's ID number?
Need help planning a New Beginning fundraising campaign? 

Call us right now at 828 - 288 - 0730. 
Or talk to us via email at:

We always have time to speak with a kindred spirit ... because that's how we feel about anyone who is dedicating his or her life to abolishing forever those chilling statistics on abuse and violence. 

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All of us at KohlQuest ArtSpeak salute and thank you!

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